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Sean McFarlane

Sean is one of the country’s most successful long distance multisport athletes. For almost a decade he’s consistently been at the top in adventure and so called “extreme” ironman triathlons. As a sports journalist his vivid style aims to encourage as many others as possible to get outside, raise their heart rate and connect with the landscape. Over the years he’s established impressive relationships with a raft of sponsors, from well-known sports brands to travel providers, from tourist boards to breweries. Sean co-ordinates our films from inception to distribution.

Andy McCandlish

Andy is a household name in outdoor sports photography, having been at its fore for over two decades. Now an established freelance cameraman and editor, he works for a wide range of clients, including the BBC. His expertise and knowledge of what best engages a target audience is unrivalled. He has worked with and seriously impressed numerous brands and other entities over his career and is a heavily trusted individual in the outdoor sports media world.

Dougie Vipond

A well-known face and voice if ever there was one, Dougie is a highly successful TV presenter and long established musician with Deacon Blue. As an avid sports fan, he’s as keen as anyone to encourage others to get out. Dougie provides an added dose of celebrity to our films where needed and his vast media experience gives an invaluable insight into both shooting and editing. He knows as well as anyone what works and what doesn’t.

Ewan Robertson and Megan Henderson

Music is so important in creating truly memorable visual experiences and Ewan and Megan produce beautiful and energising music that perfectly fits with much of what we do. A key part of the multi award winning folk band Breabach, they also have a host of individual accolades. Their talents are truly humbling. They contribute, perform and often write scores for much of our most special work. A real joy to work with, their attitude and approach never fails to lift the spirits and inspire all.

Holly McFarlane

Holly is an actress, presenter and writer who trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is the creative producer of Red Squash Theatre and her works include Cleared (Official Selection, Raindance Film Festival 2017) and Prawn (Official Selection, TriForce Film Festival 2017). Her heart has always been in the spectacular and energising rural landscapes of our country, with her passionate yet eloquent approach working perfectly with much of our work.

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